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Achieving Net Zero in construction

Innovative and bespoke carbon emission abatement programmes that will practically deliver Net Zero.

Rawstone Consulting worked with a leading Group of businesses that provide traffic management and associated highway services across the UK.

Our client contacted Rawstone Consulting to seek support with their carbon reduction strategy. As the company was already implementing a number of emission reduction initiatives the purpose of this strategy was to build on these, mapping out the emission reduction trajectory for the company going forward and formalising the company’s targets.

The strategy needed to be suitable for external publishing but also have all the detail needed for internal implementation. Within 6 weeks Rawstone delivered this with key highlights as follows:

  • A suite of near-term and long-term scope 1, 2 and 3 emission targets aligned to client and best practice standards.

  • A seven-strand implementation plan with quantified emission reduction impacts to demonstrate how the company targets will be met.

  • Clarity on prioritisation of activities for the greatest emission and business impact.

  • Inclusion of innovative ways for the company to collaborate with customers, suppliers and third parties on carbon emission reduction.

  • A clear plan to govern, fund and incentivise emission reduction activities across the five business so that there is a clear pathway from innovation trials to cross-business implementation going forward.

We produced a document, split with front section (~7 pages) suitable for external publishing, and then appendices (~20 pages) to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the recommendations, suitable for use internally.

Ready to begin your journey to net neutrality?

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