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Responsible procurement

Embedding sustainability in your supply chain.

Does responsible procurement mean changing my supply chain?

For many companies their greatest social and environmental risks are in their supply chain. Taking a responsible approach to procurement means working to reduce these negative impacts and helping your supply chain on their sustainability journey.

A responsible approach to procurement involves understanding your supply chain’s social and environmental risks, and taking proportionate and appropriate steps to address these. It isn’t about holistically changing everything you buy, and who from, but taking positive steps to reduce negative impacts, often in collaboration with existing supply chain partners.

Our approach to responsible sourcing

Based on an in-depth analysis of your existing supply chain and its impacts we will produce a simple and practical framework for impact assessment and improvement.


Analysis of supply chain spend to identify potential hot spots of social and environmental impact.


Development of a category-specific framework to assess the extent of impacts.


Assessment of your supply chain's approach, compared to the framework. 


Development of a bespoke strategy to reduce supply chain impacts, considering supplier-level and product-level impacts, supplier selection, engagement and performance measurement.


Education and training of employees involved in procurement alongside formalisation of the company's approach in a Responsible Procurement Policy.

Case studies

Delivering a sustainable procurement strategy

A framework to improve social and environmental impacts across food, drink and retail expenditure.

An ESG strategy for a top hospitality company

A leadership sustainability strategy for a high-end business.

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