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An ESG strategy for a top hospitality company

A leadership sustainability strategy for a high-end business.

Rhubarb Hospitality Collection (‘Rhubarb’) is an international premium hospitality collection specialising in luxury event catering, iconic restaurant dining and venue hospitality.

Rhubarb contacted Rawstone Consulting to seek support with developing an ESG strategy structured around four workstreams – people and social; charity; environment; and responsible procurement. A particular driver for Rhubarb in this project was their customers, and the resulting strategy needed to be relevant to all their international operations and service offerings. Rawstone working closely with Rhubarb over a four month period, meeting people from across the business to shape a truly bespoke strategy fitting of Rhubarb’s various customers. Key highlights from the project include:

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion maturity assessment and progression plan, with detailed guidance to support successful implementation.

  • An employee wellbeing pulse survey with findings used to shape a targeted and workforce-specific plan.

  • Measurement and analysis of all GHG emissions, including detailed calculations of food-related emissions, which was developed into a practical system for chefs to understand and implement lower carbon menu choices.

  • Recommendations for charitable engagements that are aligned to business priorities and will deliver mutual benefits.

  • A responsible sourcing questionnaire completed by key suppliers to clarify the sustainability practices of existing partners. This was used to inform a policy of supply chain minimum standards and to identify opportunities to engage and collaborate with suppliers on improvements.

  • A suite of target recommendations including net zero and detailed descriptions of activities to delivery target achievement.

We were delighted to collaborate with Rawstone on our journey to develop a robust ESG strategy. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable in assisting us in drafting a comprehensive framework centered around four vital workstreams – people and social, charity, environment, and responsible procurement.

With Rawstone by our side, we have gained the confidence to navigate the intricate landscape of sustainability, ensuring that our actions align with our values and positively impact the world around us. Their deep understanding of ESG principles and their ability to tailor strategies to our unique needs have been instrumental in shaping our approach.

Diego Cardoso, Culinary Director

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