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Equity, diversity & inclusion (EDI)

Practical steps to embrace individual differences in the workplace.

Developing an EDI strategy for your workplace

Equity, diversity & inclusion is a high priority for investors, which isn’t surprising - high performing teams need diversity of thought. We give practical advice on enabling a diverse workforce, where individual differences are valued and respected, and everyone is treated fairly.

We develop EDI action plans that are tailored to the size and industry of your business. This is not a one size fits all and the approach for a small company will be very different to that of a large organisation. Taking into consideration the ambitions of your business, your investors and other stakeholders, we’ll set you targets, sometimes quantitative but often qualitative.


We couple this with comprehensive guidance on actions that will help deliver your goals, from policies to recruitment practices, leadership, culture, communications, training and governance. The beginning of every strategy is an audit – of data, of policies and importantly, the views of employees in the business.

Case studies

An ESG strategy for a top hospitality company

A leadership sustainability strategy for a high-end business.

ESG strategy for the education sector

A comprehensive strategy to embed sustainability in the business and the services it provides.

ESG strategy for a financial sector client

A progressive strategy to advance the existing activities of a leading specialist lender.

Meet the clients we're guided on equity, diversity & inclusion

Ready to make EDI a core part of your strategy?

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