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Financial Report

Reporting and ESG rating schemes

Helping you demonstrate your sustainability credentials.

What sustainability reporting is necessary?

External stakeholders, particularly investors and customers, are often a key driver behind a company’s sustainability journey. Effectively communicating your plans and achievements back to these stakeholder groups is crucial to realising their business value.

ESG reporting is a complex and rapidly changing space, with increasing legislation, best practice standards and ESG rating schemes all playing a role. There is no one-size fits all. For larger and/or listed companies with complex sustainability impacts a standalone sustainability report may be the best solution. For other companies, bolstering Annual Report and/or website content may be more suitable. The best approach is specific to the company in question and their target audience.

How we report on sustainability progress

We help companies to put their best face forward by:


Explaining the regulatory and best practice reporting landscape.


Analysing and addressing stakeholder reporting needs.


Making recommendations for reporting mediums.


Producing all public report content, from compiling data to writing copy.


Working with our own designers, or your company's agency to bring the report to life, in print or online.

Case studies

Delivering a sustainable procurement strategy

A framework to improve social and environmental impacts across food, drink and retail expenditure.

An ESG strategy for a top hospitality company

A leadership sustainability strategy for a high-end business.

Meet the clients we're delivering for

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