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Delivering a sustainable procurement strategy

A framework to improve social and environmental impacts across food, drink and retail expenditure.

Continuum Attractions operates a portfolio of heritage and entertainment attractions across the UK, including The Real Mary King’s Close, Spinnaker Tower and Oxford Castle & Prison.

Having worked with Rawstone Consulting in the past, Continuum Attractions got in touch to ask for support in reviewing and developing their responsible sourcing strategy.

With a complex supply chain spanning retail/merchandise and food, Continuum Attractions needed a way to understand and prioritise their supply chain sustainability impacts in a practical way that could be delivered by their small Procurement Team. The resulting analysis and recommendations from Rawstone included:

  • Categorisation of all purchased products, and analysis of their social and environmental impacts.

  • Identification of suitable and readily available third party certification schemes that be used to reduce sustainability risks.

  • Development of bespoke sustainability impact matrixes that give a practical guide to how sustainability impacts across the entire spend portfolio can be reduced.

  • Additional detailed analysis on suppliers and products in high spend and high impact categories.

  • Clear recommendations on how to improve the sustainability of their purchases, the priorities and the impacts this will have.

We work with Rawstone Consulting because they tailor and apply their extensive sustainability expertise to our business. They understand us, and they make recommendations that work for us and have real sustainability impact.

Paul Mahy, Group Operations Director

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