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Adding value with a sustainability strategy and policy

A strategy designed to add value to the client and their housebuilding customers.

City & County Graphics sought support from Rawstone Consulting to develop the company’s first sustainability strategy and policy, with the specific aim of supporting their housebuilding customers to meet their sustainability goals.

The company had already taken a number of steps in this area, for example to improve material reuse and recycling, and develop more eco-friendly product lines. Rawstone’s recommended strategy built on this, formalising their plans and giving the company a clear steer on value-adding priorities, of particular importance to a small business with limited resources. To meet client deadlines the strategy was developed within 7 weeks with key highlights as follows:

  • Comprehensive measurement of scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions, giving clarity on emission sources and hot spots.

  • A four-pillar (environment and climate change; sustainable products and supply chain; people and community; and governance) framework for sustainability targets.

  • Implementation plans for each target, with detailed descriptions of the rationale behind these and the practical steps needed for target success.

  • A suite of tools to facilitate customer communication on sustainability including a) a best-practice and housebuilding-industry aligned Sustainability Policy; b) an externally facing 12-page strategy document; c) a visual one-page roadmap summarising the strategy; and d) an example response to a customer tender.

  • Specific strategy recommendations to address housebuilder needs included a way to measure and communicate the housebuilders’ emissions associated with City & County Graphics; a framework for rating the sustainability impacts of their products and an innovative way to use their signage to support customer charitable/community causes.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Caroline and her team for supporting us in our Sustainability plans. Caroline’s knowledge and understanding of our needs was impeccable and we are so grateful for the work and effort she has put in to getting us to where we are today. We thoroughly look forward to working with Rawstone Consulting on our Sustainability journey over the coming years.

Lydia Joyce, Client Services Director

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